My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

Last night, I went to hang out with two friends who are very near and dear to me.  I ended up spending the night at their house.  This morning a pang of anxiety hit.  I love these two people but I started longing for home.  Finally, it hit me.  Every night, I put the kids to bed and afterwards take a long hot bubble bath.  I lay there and float till the water cools.  I let the water drain partly out and refill with the hottest water along with more bubbles.  I asked my friend if she minded if I take a bubble bath know she did not care.  As I layed there in the tub, I relaxed.  My anxiety went away.  What I did not do was use the hottest of water and fill their tub twice.  I would not dare.  The idea strikes me that my nightly bubble baths are one of my guilty pleasures.  Urban Dictionary defines a guilty pleasure as something a person enjoys often while said person morally believes the practice to be wrong, abnormal, improper, or incorrect.  I’m not sure I like the definition.  If we enjoy doing something, we should not feel guilty about it.   Right?

What are some of your guilty pleasures?  Here are 10 of mine.  I wonder if any of yours are the same as mine?

  1. Taking my nightly bubble bath as I described above. This is by far, my most favorite guilty pleasure.  I could probably cut our water bill in half  if I did not refill the tub.  It is just so relaxing.
  2. Facebook and Zynga Texas Hold em Poker. My day is not complete till I check Facebook and the house is quiet enough to get in a few hands of poker.
  3. Working out in my living room at mid-night half-naked. I do not know what it is that appeals to me about this nightly ritual but I cannot help myself.
  4. Chocolate Milk. I try to only eat 1000 calories per day.  Yet, I can’t seem to resist some good ol Chocolate milk.
  5. Sleeping naked on the weekends. When my kids are at their dads house on the weekends.  I am sleeping butt naked.  I love it,.
  6. AcroChallenge I play this game in the adult room only.  I love this game and have to have daily dose.  I play in the adult room.  The game gives you some letters.  Everyone types in a dirty sentence then votes for the best.  It gets crazy.  For example:  tham  Tonight, Hump At Moms.
  7. Panties and Lingerie. I love my panties and soft silky lacy lingerie.  I will buy these before I buy clothes.
  8. Blue-Grass Music. People think I am insane.  Who cares?  I love it!
  9. Knee High Toe Socks.
  10. Sleeping late. I do it every chance I get!

These are mine!  What are yours?


Health Care Is Getting Better? Ha!!

E-government is on the rise and the government’s July 1st launching of is well under way.  All you have to do is enter your state and answer a few questions and helps you with your insurance options.  Well let’s try this out – right?  So, I am a single mother with 3 children.  The insurance offered by the small company I work for is way to expensive.  I enter my state which is Alabama.  I enter family and none of the next options apply so lets assume I keep the kids on Medicaid which I am thankful for on one hand and on the other I realize that they do not get the same care as everyone else.  I enter that the coverage will be for me.  My age is 26-64.  Now, here are my options:  Private insurers who costs are much higher or a private insurer whose policies have extremely high deductibles, strictly limit drug coverage, or set other limits that leave me with less coverage than I need.  So, I back out and try a different route and enter the system as an person whose health insurance at work is too high to afford and my options are unless I have a major pre-existing condition then I just need to stick to the low-cost clinics based on my income.  Still, I am not covered with any health care insurance.  God forbid I get sick or need to be hospitalized for any reason.  At the top of the sites page, I notice the logo:  Health care is getting better………. Their joking right?