10 Of The Best Ever Shower Time Fun Pranks

Yesterday’s prompt from the Daily Post: How long can you go without taking a shower?   One thing I wanna say about that YUCK!  I really don’t like this  prompt so I am going to take the shower thing to a different level.

Fun pranks to pull when someone is in the shower.  Growing up, my baby brother used to leave the cold water running and not pull the shower lever.  What does this do?  Let me tell you what it does– It wakes your sleepy butt up at 5:00 a.m. when you get up for your morning shower because that water is COLD when you lean over the tub to turn the water on and it comes out the shower head to your head!!  You also remember it for the rest of your life and if one of your kids do this on accident you swear your baby brothers somewhere around.

With that being said here is my 10 of The Best Ever Shower Time Fun Pranks:

  1. Enter the bathroom.  Wait till the person showering has enjoyed his/her cleaning experience for at least 2 minutes then scream like you never have before.
  2. Obtain red food color.  Remove shower head and put the color in the shower head.  Listen for the results!
  3. Fill a 5 gallon bucket full of cold water.  Sneak into the shower and pour the water over the top of the shower rod.  Then run like hell!
  4. Take a shower with him/her.  Wait till they began to rinse their hair.  You take the Shampoo and squeeze a little on the top of their head while they rinse.   Repeat.   Then see how long they rinse.
  5. Sneak into the bathroom.  Turn out the light.  GRAB the person inside the shower by wrapping your arms around them shower curtain and all.  Hold tightly!
  6. Coat the floor in front of the shower with Oatmeal.
  7. Re-create your best version of Psycho.
  8. Put an electric eel in the water heater when they turn the water on it will shock them and you can call them Glow-Worms!
  9. If you don’t like the person that is in the shower stall, you could start whistling “It’s A Small World After All!”
  10. Their naked and showering.  Go turn the breaker completely off.

If you can think of any shower pranks, be sure to comment back, I would love for you to share them with me!