What’s The Most Trouble You Have Ever Been In?

Today’s prompt from The Daily Post:  What’s The Most Trouble You Have Ever Been In?

Oh my God.  Are you for real?  Which time?   My mom reads my posts.  Not to mention my sweet, sweet sister who has not ever been in any trouble.  I was the rebellious child.

Thinking back to my childhood years, envisioning several minor yet, noble incidents like the time I whipped that kid in the neighborhood for calling my baby brother a name.  Then, there was the time that I got caught sneaking out.  That doesn’t include all the countless times that I snuck out and didn’t get caught.  Andrea Schmoller and I had made so many prank phone calls one day that her dad’s phone was cut off just until he came home though and could talk to the phone company.  There was this other time that was really bad.  The terrible, horrible, notebook incident that caused my mom to go into labor with my baby brother Matt. In my mind, I am seeing the event.  The one I am trying to avoid……….

I am really very ashamed still to this day and I am 41 years old.  I did most of my growing up in Lilburn, Georgia.  When we first moved there from Alabama, my parents rented a house while they had one built.  We finally moved into our new home.  The house was inside Cambridge Farms Subdivision.  It was a stuffy neighborhood at first.  You know the kind where you didn’t step in another person’s yard because your going to hurt the grass or something.  I don’t know.  My mom and dad(step-dad) were married in the new home.  The house was large.  It was beautiful.  To my mom, the house signified her own accomplishments.  My mom is the best role model a girl could have had growing up.  I am proud of her.

This particular summer I had to go to summer school.  I would not finish in time to begin our family vacation.  Everyone was on their way to Hilton Head, South Carolina.  I would have to stay behind and finish summer school.  Afterwards, I would fly to Hilton Head to meet up with the rest of the family.  My dads parents were also in Hilton Head it was to be the first time that we met them.  They were from New York.  They were to come back to Lilburn with us to see the new house.

The day my family left my parents were going to take me over to a friend’s house where I would stay until summer school was complete.  My dad had taken great pains to be sure the windows of the house were locked and secured.  He even placed chairs under the door knobs for extra protection.  Having already schemed a plan with Karen and Leigh I told my parents that I had forgotten something inside the house as we were backing out of the driveway.  So my dad pulled back up and handed me the house key.  I went inside and unlocked the back door and removed the chair from under the knob.  Picked up my bag I had pretended to forget and out the door I went.

It was only supposed to be a small party with 3 girls and 3 guys.  Leigh and her boyfriend decided to go get some Boone’s Farm.  Unbeknownst to me, they also went by Green’s Corners which was the hangout spot and put the word out that there was a party.  Back at the house, I began to wonder where they had gotten off too.  I looked out the front door and my jaw dropped to the floor.  The longest line of cars that I had ever seen in my entire life that was not part of a funeral procession was coming down the road in our nice new neighborhood.  People started filling into our home.  I didn’t know what to do.  I was 16 years old.  There were people from 4 of the surrounding schools 2 of the schools were major rivals.  There were 150 people in my parents new home.  Things were out of control so bad that at one point I started to call my parents.  The police came out twice.  The third time everyone was asked to leave.  The house was destroyed.  I feared for my life.

My friends and I tried to fix what we were able.  We nailed down the carpet back to the stairs that led to the upper level.  We were able to find the covers to the fire alarm people had taken off the walls.  I had tried to find them all night.  You could hear them going off all through the house that night.  We cleaned the white carpet.  You can’t clean the cigarette burns from the carpet.  Nor, did we have enough know how to fix the hole in the wall in my sisters bedroom.  We placed a picture over the hole.

Having flown to Hilton Head Airport, I caught a cab to the beach house.  The trip to Hilton Head was the longest trip.  The cab ride alone seemed to go on forever.  I didn’t have the guts to tell them there………..  and this is where I will end this post.  I think I will call my mom and thank her for allowing me to live……   : )



My Bucket List of 100 Things To Do Before I Die

Recently,  someone near and dear to me had a close call with death.  Thankfully, he was given more time  another chance at life.  This gave me a new view on my on life.  I decided to take a look at all the things that I wanted to carry out, experience, achieve and enjoy.  I gave myself 30 minutes only.

Here is my bucket list.

  1. Write a book
  2. Take singing lessons
  3. Sing The Star Spangled Banner at a baseball game
  4. Take my grandmother on a cruise
  5. Build or buy a house
  6. Finish college
  7. Marry the one I love
  8. Bungee Jump
  9. Own my own on business
  10. See my kids through college
  11. Star in a movie
  12. Give an Academy Award
  13. Go back to Munich
  14. Hitchhike across United States
  15. Take my kids to Disney World
  16. Travel the world
  17. Own a convertible
  18. Meet the president
  19. Ride in a hot air balloon
  20. Go to a spa
  21. Go to a nude resort
  22. Buy some land
  23. Party with a rock star
  24. Build my grandmother a house
  25. Start a greenhouse
  26. Start a worldwide fundraiser for charity
  27. Get in shape
  28. Quit smoking
  29. Invent something
  30. Win the lottery
  31. Put back enough money for all 3 of my children for cars, college, weddings, land, and their first home.
  32. Give a political speech
  33. Throw a surprise party
  34. Something special for my mom, step-dad, and all my brothers and sisters
  35. Something special for the rest of my family
  36. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  37. Do something nice for a total stranger
  38. Save a starving child
  39. Be on a reality t.v. show
  40. Dance in a rap video
  41. Star in a rock video
  42. Learn to play golf
  43. Go to a hockey game
  44. Write a song that becomes #1
  45. Go skinny dipping at midnight anywhere the ocean is crystal clear blue
  46. Stay the summer with my kids on an exotic island
  47. Make my own wine
  48. Take a shower in a waterfall
  49. Write the story of my life
  50. Tell  kids and family I love them as often as possible
  51. Be well-known for good reasons
  52. Send a message in a bottle
  53. Kiss the Barney Stone
  54. Swim with Dolphins
  55. Learn to play tennis
  56. Learn to play the harmonica
  57. Vacation the South of France with family
  58. Stay the weekend at a casino
  59. Ride a camel
  60. Model for a magazine
  61. Be a mentor
  62. Start a charity concert
  63. Give someone my autograph
  64. Learn to love myself
  65. Do something nice for someone daily
  66. Sail on a yacht
  67. Go to Aspen
  68. Have a backyard plant garden with a hanging bed, treehouse, and personal get-away
  69. Meet someone famous
  70. Give an award
  71. receive an award
  72. Take my children to all national parks and camp in every one
  73. Take them to Washington D.C.
  74. Sing in a church choir
  75. Be my best everyday
  76. Visit American troops
  77. Write the names of people on the back of all my grandmothers black and white photos
  78. Be influential
  79. Go to the Superbowl
  80. Throw a major party
  81. Take a weekend trip with each of my children one at a time
  82. Spend New Year’s Eve at Times Square
  83. Take my kids to see Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
  84. Donate money to a group home of mentally challenged adults so that they may go somewhere on vacation they have never been.
  85. Go to a party at the Playboy Mansion
  86. Write a famous Broadway Play and Star in it
  87. Pour concrete for a sidewalk and me and my children walk in it and put our handprints
  88. Play in the rain with my kids
  89. Record old stories from my grandmother and her sisters childhood as told by her
  90. Pose for a painting of our family portrait
  91. Have a family picture with my mom, step-dad, brothers, sisters, in-laws and all our children
  92. Have a picture of my children made with my grandmother and her sisters
  93. Bury a time capsule
  94. Learn how to cook like Martha Stewart
  95. Learn how to Sew
  96. Be able to tell the one I love and let go that I am sorry and explain why and the words come out right
  97. Dance on Stage
  98. Pose for a nude painting
  99. Sleep on a hammock on the beach
  100. Own a cottage on the beach

What are some of the things you would like to do before you die? Give yourself 30 minutes so you do not have time to back out of an idea.  Comment back with a link to your own.  I would love to read yours!