Health Care Is Getting Better? Ha!!

E-government is on the rise and the government’s July 1st launching of is well under way.  All you have to do is enter your state and answer a few questions and helps you with your insurance options.  Well let’s try this out – right?  So, I am a single mother with 3 children.  The insurance offered by the small company I work for is way to expensive.  I enter my state which is Alabama.  I enter family and none of the next options apply so lets assume I keep the kids on Medicaid which I am thankful for on one hand and on the other I realize that they do not get the same care as everyone else.  I enter that the coverage will be for me.  My age is 26-64.  Now, here are my options:  Private insurers who costs are much higher or a private insurer whose policies have extremely high deductibles, strictly limit drug coverage, or set other limits that leave me with less coverage than I need.  So, I back out and try a different route and enter the system as an person whose health insurance at work is too high to afford and my options are unless I have a major pre-existing condition then I just need to stick to the low-cost clinics based on my income.  Still, I am not covered with any health care insurance.  God forbid I get sick or need to be hospitalized for any reason.  At the top of the sites page, I notice the logo:  Health care is getting better………. Their joking right?

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About Nicole Griffin Eakin

Born in Columbus, Georgia at Fort Benning, my mother and I moved back to our hometown of Scottsboro, Alabama. My mother is my hero and the best role model a person could have. After she and my father divorced, she remarried and had 2 more children. We moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia after the tragic loss of my step father, where my family still resides. I am the oldest of 7 children. We call ourselves The Brady Bunch. I began writing as a form of self expression. Married and Divorced, I moved back to our hometown of Scottsboro. I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children. Wyatt, who 14 years old and begging for his motorcycle license. Which is not about to happen! My daughter Savanna, age 7, is the child that is most likely to one day break my heart. She is my mini-me. Daisy, age 2, will probably be the most mischievious of the three. She loves to sing! Children are a gift from God and I have definately been blessed! I have saved everything ever written which chronicles different periods in my life for them to have one day. Not to be read by them until they are much, much older! I have been asked numerous times why I did not write my life story. I remember thinking – Are you nuts…..!!?? As I have gotten older, I have decided that maybe one day....... I sure do not want anyone telling it for me! .

2 thoughts on “Health Care Is Getting Better? Ha!!

  1. They are not joking – it is a bunch of crap … just like the mortgage relief program – so, so wrong. So sorry about your insurance. I have inexpensive insurance with a ductible 4x larger than my mortgage. We may be screwed at the moment, but not forever!

    • The mortgage relief program is as disgusting as health care. suggested the low cost clinics which are based on your income but guess what? I do not qualify. They go by your gross monthly income and I make over the limit. I would be better off quitting my job and taking advantage of everything there is to take advantage of like food stamps etc. I’m not about to do that though. Your right. We may be screwed at the moment, but not forever! We may be down but we’re still not out….. right? 🙂

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